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Why get P&S certified?

Safer working conditions

Safer communities

Protected environment

Better reputations

Fewer regulations

Lower insurance payments

Increased profitability

Entreprise value

Less risk for investors


The 6 Evaluation Areas:


1) Protect & Sustain management system 


2) Product development and planning 


3) Sourcing and contractor management 


4) Manufacturing techniques 


5) Supply chain to customer 


6) Marketing, sales and application

4 Milestones to P&S Certification

1) Register your organization here: register!


2) Assess your performance through the self-evaluation tool


3) Validate your self-assessment through an IFA third-party accreditor


4) Finalize accreditation through IFA

60% conformance = P&S Steward 

80% conformance = P&S Excellence

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